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Encouraging Words for School Counselors

Instructions for Recording and Sending Your Story Using Your Phone

Tips for Everyone:

Find a quiet place to make your recording. When radio professionals work at home, many (including Ira Glass) record in their closets! The hanging clothes muffle outside noises and prevent any echo.

Be sure to introduce yourself. You might include your name, building level, and number of years you've been a school counselor.

Relax! Sometimes it helps to smile when you record -- listeners can hear it in your voice.

iPhone Users: 

Please see these instructions for using the Voice Memo app (included on your phone or iPad  free from Apple). When you get to the sharing step, be sure to select email and send your recording to

Android Users:

Easy Voice Recorder is a free app available on Google Play. This video will help you get started using it. After you've made your recording, share by email and send it to

Landline Users:

You may also call us at (317) 210-0593 and leave your story in a voice mail message. 



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