Using the SI2 System for Online Council & Student Discussions

As the year progresses, it is becoming increasingly difficult to predict when students will be in the classroom. You can eliminate missing Student Body and Council meetings by using either SI2’s online discussion tools or other services.

Student Discussions

Schools who used Google classroom or other online teacher/student communications attached the monthly question for students to answer and submit back to the Student Body point person. The response was spectacular; give it a try!

School Improvement Council Discussions

We already have the online meeting function built into the Council meetings — many of you have been using it for years with success. The online meeting tool includes the option of “in-person meetings” which could include a Zoom, Google Meet, or other online meeting platform. To do so (also see screenshot below):

  • Set a date for your online meeting
  • Open the discussion in the VTA Process
  • When asked if you’ll have an in-person meeting, select Yes
  • Enter the date and time for the meeting
  • In Location, note the tool you’ll be using (Zoom, Google Meet, etc) and that a follow up email will be sent with a link
  • Send the invitation

Big picture

As always, your council members will receive links to SI2’s online discussion tool by default and you’ll want to monitor discussion there. Be sure to follow up the email with an invitation to the Zoom (etc) meeting. You can get your council’s email list by clicking the orange “council members” tab on the left side of any SI2 page.

Once the system begins the new year on September 1, you can prepare and send out the annual invitation letter to invite any new members as well as welcoming back current members.If you have any questions, contact Tina.


Contact SI2 Director Tina Weisman