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Whether you plan to apply for RAMP recognition, or you just want a more comprehensive, data-driven school counseling program, we can help. Our experienced school counseling consultants will partner with you and your school to help guide your team to being RAMP Ready through our online learning platform.

Three Levels

  • Base Camp

    For school counselors wanting to make their program more comprehensive but not sure where to start, Base Camp provides a solid foundation for developing a comprehensive school counseling program delivered in a self-paced, step-by-step format. Beginning in January 2021, users may start at any time, work at their own pace, and self-evaluate their work.

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  • Ascent

    Ready to begin aligning your school counseling program with the ASCA National Model? Ascent helps school counselors learn ASCA's National Model and its various components. From January through June, counselors learn the requirements and expectations of the National Model and shape their school counseling program to put in place components of the model. Users submit work and receive feedback with on-demand support available by email, phone, and virtual meetings.

    January - June


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  • Summit

    For schools who are ready to learn and implement the ASCA National Model, and seek ASCA's Recognized ASCA Model Program, or RAMP, award. Summit includes completion of the 6 month Ascent training then guides counselors through a subsequent full school year of implementation with "sherpa support" consisting of monthly checkpoints and feedback with on-demand support. Includes guidance on the RAMP application process.*

    January - June
    + August - August


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* The RAMP application process should be the culmination of the implementation of a school counseling program. Once your school has a program in place, you will need at least one entire academic year to collect the data and information needed to fulfill the RAMP application requirements. (ASCA)


You may be asking:

What about IDOE's Gold Star School Counseling Award?

Over the past few years, Indiana's Gold Star award for school counseling programs diverged from ASCA's RAMP requirements. As a result, the Indiana Department of Education, which governs Gold Star, suspended the Gold Star award and the agreement between IDOE and ASCA that permitted Gold Star schools to automatically qualify for RAMP ended at that time.

Because Gold Star is not currently active and IDOE has not yet revealed the new Gold Star requirements, our RAMP Ready focuses on a comprehensive counseling framework based on the ASCA National Model and helps schools prepare to apply for the nationally recognized RAMP award.

We anticipate helping schools earn Indiana's new Gold Star once IDOE reveals the new version of its award.

Why a Comprehensive School Counseling Program?

A 2011 study found a "moderate-to-strong relationship existing between a comprehensive school counseling program, as identified by the ASCA National Model, and school counselors' job satisfaction." (Comprehensive School Counseling Programs, Job Satisfaction, and the ASCA National Model, Jaymes R. Pyne, Professional School Counseling, 15:2 December 2011).

"School-wide proficiency rates in ELA and Math were significantly higher in RAMP elementary schools when compared with their elementary control schools." (Comprehensive School Counseling Programs and Student Achievement Outcomes: A Comparative Analysis of RAMP versus Non-RAMP Schools, Kevin Wilkerson, Rachelle PĂ©russe, Ashley Hughes, Professional School Counseling, Vol 6 No 3) 


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