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Whether you plan to apply for RAMP recognition, or you just want a more comprehensive, data-driven school counseling program, we can help. Our experienced school counseling consultants will partner with you and your school to help guide your team to being RAMP Ready through a process of workshops and supplemental digital support.

Why a Comprehensive School Counseling Program?

A 2011 study [of the level of school counselor job satisfaction and implementation of comprehensive school counseling programs in secondary schools] found a "moderate-to-strong relationship existing between a comprehensive school counseling program, as identified by the ASCA National Model, and school counselors' job satisfaction." (Comprehensive School Counseling Programs, Job Satisfaction, and the ASCA National Model, Jaymes R. Pyne, Professional School Counseling, 15:2 December 2011).

"School-wide proficiency rates in ELA and Math were significantly higher in RAMP elementary schools when compared with their elementary control schools." (Comprehensive School Counseling Programs and Student Achievement Outcomes: A Comparative Analysis of RAMP versus Non-RAMP Schools, Kevin Wilkerson, Rachelle PĂ©russe, Ashley Hughes, Professional School Counseling, Vol 6 No 3) 


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