screenshot of the new VTA Process page

We’ve been working on some updates to the VTA Process page. Once we start the new year, you’ll see a process page like the one above.

One of the big new features is found near the top right corner of the page. The numbers you’ll see there correspond to the modules in the process for your school’s current cycle. In the example above, the school is in the Start Up cycle and has eight modules. Clicking on any circled number will take you to the beginning of that module.

The colors of the number circles give you a quick overview of each module’s current status.

  • White with grey text: not yet started
  • Grey with white text: at least one submission has been submitted for review, but the module is not yet complete
  • Green with white text: all submissions have met criteria
  • Purple with white text: the last section has no submissions, but gives you steps to submit your SIP to IDOE

Other changes to note:

  • Tools: We’ve consolidated the tools, enter/edit, and report columns into one column called Tools.
  • Status icons: Hover over icons in the status column for a text explanation of what they represent. Click an icon to open the rubric page with written feedback.

We welcome your feedback! Let Tina know if you have any questions or need help navigating these changes. More changes are planned for later in the year.


Contact SI2 Director Tina Weisman